You were turned?
Season 7, Episode 7
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Production Code707
English Air DateDecember 19, 2015.
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You were turned? is the seventh episode of the seventh season of The Gems: A Magical Adventure.


The episode starts with Iris packing her bags and rummaging through her closet. The Gems walk into Iris's room and ask what she is doing. Iris replies she has to go back to The Blackstone Mansion. The Gems are confused. They ask why she has to go back as she hasn't set a foot in that mansion for 3 years. Iris replies it has been long so I have to visit, though I am not permanently moving. The Gems hug her and she apparates.

Major eventsEdit


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  • Izusa Blackstone is introduced.
  • Iris finds out that her sister Izusa was not a born vampire, she was turned.
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