Winter Energy

Winter Energy

Original belonging
The Winter Planet, belongs to Arcadia

Winter Energy is a source energy that helps The Gems defeat Wizards of the Black Circle in season 4. The energy comes from snow, and this is possibly because of season 4 taking place in the winter.



This is is the winter energy. Be careful when you use it; it is fragile.Arcadia in "The Winter Energy".

Winter Energy is believed to come from the winter source, and used by winter fairies only. According to Arcadia, the major winter fairy of North, the winter energy helps The Gems (most likely Jewel) to defeat the wizards, and it also helped them earn Heartix thus Linix.

Season 4Edit

Winter Energy is also believed to give Linix (though Linix is called a sub-transformation by Headmistreds Ara) which gives them boosts up. Jewel is the only member who have earned Linix, but do not have her Heartix transformation. Linix is also believed to be winter-ish, which Arcadia said. But it appears to be an Earth-look-casual uniform.


Linix relation?Edit

Lots of fans have been asking the question about Winter Energy, and they do not know about Linix. As of in the The Gems: A Magical Adventure website, 10 fans have asked why it is the winter energy, but Linix is not winter-related, and they reply by saying "Linix may not look winter-ish, because it was first founded during the Summer. But the winter energy gives Linix a boost up, snow-ish powers that The Gems have not used since they do not know about their snow-ish powers." and one of the users replied "Now that's a goof!".

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