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We Win Together
Season 1, Episode 26
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Production Code126
English Air DateMarch 26, 2010
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We Win Together is the twenty-sixth and final episode of the first season of The Gems: A Magical Adventure.


Diamond and Sugar were walking in the forest, trying to find Júi. They were talking and finding at the same time. Diamond heard a voice in her head saying “Diamond, she's here,”. Sugar was surprised to see Diamond in shock, and Diamond tells her what she heard.

Meanwhile, Liana is at Fairiex College, helping Headmistress Ara fighting the shadow-monsters. Suddenly while they were fighting, Daphne and Emerald. Later, the Specialists arrive. They decided to help the Fairiex College fairies along with their headmaster, Condodarta. Daphne and Emerald saw Celeste and Icy in the sky, and decided to battle them. Celeste attacked Emerald and she got injured.

Sugar and Diamond decided to split up, whilst Diamond didn't know Sugar went to Fairiex College and help battle the shadow-monsters. Diamond created a crystal ball, and it showed The Gems battling the shadow-monsters; and Sugar was there. She was disappointed and angry with Sugar, and decided to battle Júi alone.

The Specialists' weapons were boost up by Liana and Emerald; and they became stronger to stack the shadow-monsters. The shadow-monsters later were boost up by Celeste and Icy, and the Specialists got beaten.

Júi appeared in front of Diamond, and the two battled. Diamond created a fire wall, but Júi managed to trap Diamond in a solid crystal ice. Diamond was helpless and frozen, so Júi headed off to Fairiex College. But Júi didn't know Diamond didn't give up.

Emerald created a dragon which attacked Celeste, and Celeste fell down. Icy attacked both Daphne and Emerald by dividing herself to 5, but Daphne managed to fight the four, leaving the real Icy. Celeste got back up, and Júi appeared behind her, looking fierce. Sugar and Liana were surprised Diamond couldn't handle her.

Meanwhile, Diamond created a dragon and the dragon melt down the ice. Diamond then flew to Fairiex College with her dragon.

Amazed Daphne and Emerald
During the final battle, The Ancestral Witches were successfully attacking, when a huge wall of fire stood in front of Fairiex College, and it was Diamond. While Diamond took on Júi, the rest of The Gems took on Celeste and Icy, who were defeated. Diamond attack Júi with a powerful blast and the shadow-monsters were destroyed. Griffin decides to send The Ancestral Witches to the Fortress of Light.

After the battle, Prom started with Fairiex College and Red Fountain together. Diamond was thinking about how everything was and wonder what will happen next. Dean think that they'll find out.

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