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About Me

Hey there, the name's Farhah! You may call me Farhah, Stellamusa, Burger, Watermelon or Elsa :P! Any of the following names, if something else like Wiki Queen or StellaAdmin I won't respond to your message. JK :P! I'll never respond to message by ignorant souls..well IDK if I should write down my ignorant souls list but if I want to I will! I'm a fan of TGAMA/TD (duh), Once Upon A Time, Avatar: The Last Airbender/Legend of Korra, Winx Club and Victorious. I also am big fan of the web-series Monster High, and also Ever After High ;) I hope for us to have further conversations ;P

I was born on the 23rd May—which means I'm a Gemini. I know a lot about horoscopes/zodiacs, due to the app I have on my iOS :P! My favorite horoscope/zodiac is Gemini itself =]]! I also am a fan of Aries, Cancer and Capricorn :P!

A MUST-WATCH VIDEO: Disney's_Frozen_-_"Let_It_Go"_Multi-Language_Full_Sequence

My Friends

Main article: User:Stellamusa101/Friends

Rutchelle - Najmah - Ujala - Luna - Ella - Julie - Fatimah

There will be more :P

My Signatures

♥ Stellamusa101 ElsaPose.png The Cold Never Bothered Me Anyway

Stellamusa101 - I love the way you make me feel

♥Stellamusa101 - I am not your missing link

♥ Celestia Celestia.png Friendship is magic

❅ Stellamusa101 - Inverno fig❅

My Talkboxes

Don't you even dare to use or steal my talkboxes, because if you do, don't forget you have to pay a price for that!! You will also get a warning message. Pay if you use someone else's, double pay if you use a talkbox that doesn't belong to you but to me!

Elsa - Conceal, don't feel.
TALK - Make one wrong move and everyone will know.
Elsa - Let it go.
TALK - The cold never bothered me anyway.
Flirty mood :P
Elsa - Here I stand in the light of day.
TALK - Let the storm rage on!
Happy thoughts ^^!
Elsa - Please go back home.
TALK - Your life awaits.
Warning talkbox.
Elsa - Stay away from me!
TALK - Go away!
Only used during certain situations =.=