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Trust Your Heart
Season 7, Episode 2
Episode Information

Production Code 702
English Air Date December 12, 2013
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Trust Your Heart is the second episode of the seventh season of The Gems: A Magical Adventure.


Sugar received a call from Riven, who wanted to come over at Fairiex College. She was about to answer before suddenly all electric went out. Sugar walked out of her room, and blamed Liana because she'd knew Liana cut off all technology on purpose. Liana declines the accusation, but Sugar walks to Liana's room. She found Liana's computer, laptop and phone and she vanished them away with her air power and stormed off; leaving an angry Liana.

Diamond and Jewel were writing songs at their dorm room, which is also Sugar's room. Sugar entered their room and told Diamond and Jewel what Liana did. Jewel said that they should get their revenge, but Sugar stated she already did that by vanishing all Liana's technology products.

Meanwhile, Celeste created a portal where she, Júi and Icy packed the things and the three enter the portal laughing.

Major Events

  • The Ancestral Witches returned.


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