Too Busy For Friendship
Season 7, Episode 1
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Production Code701
English Air DateNovember 5, 2013 (NYCC attendees) November 28, 2013 (Official)
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Too Busy For Friendship is the first episode of the seventh season of The Gems: A Magical Adventure.


The first scene shows Emerald, Liana, Daphne and Cinnamon at Wizgiz's class—and suddenly Wizgiz had to go away for a "meeting" and asked the four to take care of the "noisy" class. So Emerald started babbling about her fashion sketches, until the other fairies cheer ran out of the class. The four left look from the window, and saw a big car in front of the school. They decided to see who it was.

Surprisingly, it was Diamond, Sugar and Jewel who returned from six months at Earth. The three needed to sign autographs for their fans, and Diamond and Jewel had to sing LA Boyz. Later then, Emerald, Liana, Daphne and Cinnamon arrive to see their three old friends performing a song without them knowing.

Later, The Gems were at Grizelda's class. Jewel was scolded because she was using her phone to watch a YouTube video instead of focusing on class; which makes a remark by Emerald, Liana, Cinnamon and Daphne that Diamond, Jewel and Sugar have gone to "earthy". It later caused Jewel to create a wolf which attacked Emerald's face; bringing chaos as Grizelda runs away out of the situation. Cinnamon asked Diamond and Sugar to stop it, but the two instead attacked to show proof that they have not forgotten about magic. Suddenly while Diamond and Sugar were attacking and Cinnamon defending herself, Headmistress Ara entered; shocked to see what happened. She scolds The Gems for doing that, and later The Gems blame each other. Sugar later states that Daphne's not her friend, she only tolerates Liana, no one likes Cinnamon and Emerald is just a pet.

Later, Daphne enters her dorm room, and she sees Jewel playing her cell phone. Curious, Daphne decided to sit next to Jewel and sees what she's doing on her cell phone quietly. Apparently Jewel noticed and accused Daphne of being a stalker, which Daphne denies isn't who she is. Jewel switched off her cell phone and hide it under her pillow. Daphne finally realized that Jewel is her new roommate for the second semester. Daphne asked Jewel what's so fun on a cell phone, and Jewel said it's none of Daphne's business.

Major Events

  • This episode marks the return of Diamond, Jewel and Sugar.
    • This episode also marks the end of Jewel and Daphne's relationship. However they may reconcile in bother episode.


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  • Starting in this episode, there will be no more title cards.
  • The part when Cinnamon, Daphne, Emerald and Liana were sneaking on Diamond, Jewel and Sugar, Liana's eyes were green instead of neon blue.
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