This article focuses on season 2's theme song. (This song currently does not have a full version)


Today, your day,
Your life is about to change,
Because The Gems have bring magic to you,
Don't doubt them,
They all know–wa-oh!
Don't stop now,
'Cause The Gems are gonna save you,
From the darkness!

Today's gonna be your life time,
Everyday you see that their journey never ends,
Come see the new fairy they've bring along!
Wa-oh, wa-oh, wa-wa-wa-oh!

Come see what journey they's gonna do,

Diamond with all her fireworks,
Sugar with her blackish attitude,
Emerald with her fashion designs,
Daphne who's gonna steal your heart,
Liana with her techno talent,
And Cinnamon with her new powers!