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The Gems: A Magical Adventure is a show focusing on seven fairies who went to Fairiex, the college for fairies. The series has seven seasons. The series also has webisodes which can be viewed online, and not focusing on any character.


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There is a sequel for the series called Teenage Dreams. The series' first episode received a lot of positive votes. The second episode, however got some negative reviews because it is "copying Victorious".

Season 1

An ordinary girl from Earth, Diamond lives a perfectly normal life in the city until she meets Emerald, a princess from the planet Starlasia  who is in trouble. Coming to Emerald's aid, Diamond discovers her magical powers. Emerald persuades Diamond to join Fairiex, the best fairy college/university in all the realms.

After a few days, Diamond forms The Gems, with other fairies EmeraldDaphneLiana and Sugar . Sugar's known to be hating Diamond for unknown reasons, before the episode Take A Hint where Diamond and Sugar seek revenge to the two annoying boys together.

In the end, The Ancestral Witches were sent to prison. But later did The Gems know they were planning for revenge.

Season 2

Sugar accidentally tells Diamond that her mother is alive after one year lying her mother and father are dead. Diamond suggested them to find her mother, with the help of a new fairy named Cinnamon who says that she knows who Sugar's mother is. Sugar, afraid decided that if they find her mother she wants to trap her in a bottle. The other The Gems arrive, and Emerald says that finding Sugar's mother would be the best moment of Sugar's life. Sugar denies.

After going through obstacles and courses, they've finally found Sugar's mother, Senkhara. Senkhara threatens to curse Sugar, but she didn't.

Season 3

Season 4

Season 5

Season 6

Season 7

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