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Narrator: In the previous episode, the five fairies go to Fairiex, college for fairies. They found out they were in the same dorm room, and in the same class. Can they live together?


Scene 1

Daphne: This is kinda boring.
Emerald: Oh you bet! What if we go to the gym?
Sugar: Gym? [Makes a face.] The gym is boring!
Emerald: The gym is where we can practice our powers, [Smiles.] silly!
Sugar: Now that's interesting. Attack each other!
Diamond: I don't think so. [Raises an eyebrow.] How do I know my spells?
Liana: I'm with Diamond. I don't even know [Face sad.] my power!
Emerald: That is why we're going there! [Smirks.] to know more about our powers and spells!
Daphne: Then let's go!
Sugar (at the same time Daphne saying 'Let's go'): Then let's go now!
Diamond: Alright then!
Liana: [Looks at Diamond.] Let's go to the gym!

Scene 2

Diamond: [Arrives there with The Gems.] Wow!
Liana: Whoa!
Sugar: This is awesome! [Touches the wall] The wall is made of metal!!
Daphne: Then girls, let's transform!
Emerald: Basic! [Transforms Basic with the others.] Let's do it!
Daphne: Whoah! [Turns into an ice statue.]
Diamond: Daphne!
Sugar: Huh?
Liana: Whoops! [Grins.]
Diamond and Emerald: Liana!
Sugar: Girls, you better melt her!
Diamond and Emerald: Convergence! [Blasts together.] Melt down the ice!
Daphne: [Returns to her normal self in her fairy form.] Thanks.
Liana: I hope you're not mad at me..
Daphne: It's okay. It was your first attack. [Liana smiles.]

Scene 3

Sugar: Today, is a failure.
Daphne: Well not everyday is a failure.
Diamond: Yeah. [Smiles.] We just got here.
Emerald: We can do better! Wanna go back?
Liana: No, Emerald. I'm exhausted! [Lays down her bed.]
Daphne: Same here.
Diamond and Sugar: Me too.
Emerald: Okay! Fine. Let's hope for the best school day ever!
Diamond: I was told there would be a party.
Sugar: [Grins.] Party, sounds interesting.
Daphne: Let's go to sleep, and see what's gonna happen tomorrow!
Liana: Yeah!
Emerald: We..are awesome!


Narrator: In the next episode, Fairiex school has a party. They will do lots of things, and the theme is prom. Do they have a date for the prom?

[Fade to credits.]

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