Júi and her sisters are getting stronger!
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The Ancestral Witches are the main villains of season one. They've also appeared in season seven to seek revenge.



Júi 1

Júi is the witch of ice (formerly darkness) and she is the arch rival and opposite of Diamond. She and her team are the ones who've tried to destroy Diamond's planet; but failed. 


Celeste 1

Celeste is the witch of storms and/or weather. She appears to be the arch rival and opposite of Sugar. She later tries to kill Sugar multiple times; but failed due to Sugar unleashing her strongest power most of the time.


Icy 1

Icy  is the witch of darkness (formerly ice) who switched powers with Júi. Now, her powers are darkness and Júi's powers are ice. The reason they switched powers is currently unknown.


Most fans have noted their name to not describing them; as of being "ancestral", and that they are currently 5,812 years old; but look much younger. Fans have also say that they look "much younger" and some thought that they are 18-19 years old. This is revealed in the show that the witches may look younger than their age, except for the witches being 7,000 years old and older, who will look like 45 years old.

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