The Perfect Spoiler
Season 1, Episode 2
Diamond, Sugar and Avan - Teenage Dreams 1x02
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The Perfect Spoiler is the second episode of Teenage Dreams


Diamond and Jewel want a prom at Hollywood Arts, so they ask their teacher if they could do one. Later, Sugar was mad as she found out that the prom was going to be on Friday, August 9 as of that was the date her movie was going to play at Hollywood Arts. She was angry and walked away.

Later, the prom was still organized. Sugar tried anything she could to stop the prom, but it was still going as planned. Angry, she plays her horror movie. Everyone was frightened, but Diamond and Jewel (along with Avan) sing a song to calm everyone down.

Main Cast

  • Diamond - Victoria Justice
  • Jewel - Ariana Grande
  • Sugar - Elizabeth Gillies
  • Avan - Leon Thomas III
  • Dexter - Matt Benett


  • Avan Jogia as Riven.


Best Friend's Brother - Teenage Dreams

Best Friend's Brother - Teenage Dreams