Season 1, Episode 1
Teenage Dreams - Diamond and Avan
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Pilot is the first episode of Teenage Dreams


Jewel wanted to go to Florida to see how it is. Diamond wanted to accompany Jewel there as Sugar drives them to Florida. But suddenly, the car had a problem, it was raining and a crazy clown chased them down the street. There are stuck on the road for two days since it kept raining, and then when they finally arrived at Florida, they have no place to stay.

Sugar suggested they build their own house, but Jewel disagreed. Later, a girl named Monica was laying, fainted on the road. DiamondJewel and Sugar sent the girl to the hospital. The doctor called the girl's mother, Samantha Vega. Her mother thanked the girls and asked if they are new here. Jewel says it is true, and Samantha says that they could stay in her house until they find a new place to stay. Diamond was happy and they went to the house.

Later, they went to apply to go to a high school called Hollywood Arts, where they must have talent to enter. They met Avan and Dexter, and Jewel cried because Dexter called her a wimp. Avan helped Diamond apply to the school by singing, and Jewel sang and juggle, while Sugar made a horror movie. They get to enter the school. 

Main Cast

Minor Cast

  • Monica - Daniella Monet
  • Samantha Vega - Jennifer Carta

Audition Videos

Make It Shine Diamond and Avan - Teenage Dreams

Make It Shine Diamond and Avan - Teenage Dreams

Jewel's Audition - Teenage Dreams

Jewel's Audition - Teenage Dreams