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He Came From Canada
Season 1, Episode 5
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Production Code 1x05
English Air Date October 9, 2013 (official channel)
October 16, 2013 (Nickelodeon)
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He Came From Canada is the fifth episode of Teenage Dreams.


Diamond, Jewel, and Sugar try to win the affection of Riven's handsome Canadian friend, Moose. Diamond attempts to impress Moose with hockey trivia. Sugar tries to impress Moose using their mutual favorite movie The Scissoring. Jewel tries to impress Moose by seducing him with hamburgers. The girls obsession has led to them neglecting their responsibility to help the guys out with Tinkle-Aid. Diamond and Sugar had committed to singing back-up for Avan, while Jewel had agreed to be Dexter's assistant in his magic act. In their competition, none of them attend any of the rehearsals. When the three of them, along with Monica and Moose, drive to Karaoke Dokie, the boys confront them and inform them that they had to cut them out of the program altogether. Avan had found a way to get around needing back-up singers, and Sinjin and Burf had become Dexter's new assistants. After this, Moose tells them that he should really go spend some time with Riven. They agree, and, after prying Monica off his back, let him leave.

Later, when Riven and Moose were hanging out outside of Riven's RV, Diamond comes by to apologize to Riven for abandoning Tickle-Aid, and to Moose for lying about being all that into hockey. She then trys to get Moose to say he liked her the best. At this point, Sugar makes her presence known. She and Diamond begin to fight over Moose once more, and Jewel comes by with a grill of hamburgers. Riven, unable to stand it anymore, tells Moose to choose which one of the fudges, as he called them, he liked the best. Moose explains that he only likes Canadian girls because they actually like hockey, are bigger and aren't as weird as L.A. girls.


At Tickle-Aid the following night, Diamond and Jewel rush in to publically apologize to Riven, Avan, Dexter, and all the other LA boys by singing a duet entitled LA Boyz. They seem to enjoy it, and praise the girls afterwards. But Riven notices Moose isn't there, and none of the others seem to know where he is. Meanwhile, Sugar is supposedly driving Moose to Karaoke Dokie, but instead drives him off into the middle of nowhere and makes out with him.

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