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Narrator: Emerald's fashion show becomes a crisis. Meanwhile, Liana and the others try to find the latest fashion trends.


Scene 1

[Scene cuts to The Gems at Sugar's room.]

Sugar: Bored. [Looks at Emerald.] Nothing to do? [Camera pans to Emerald who is sitting.]
Emerald: I already throw a fashion show yesterday. [Head on desk.] Any idea of what to do? [Camera pans to Diamond and Liana.]
Diamond: No idea.
Liana: [At the same time.] I don't know. [Camera pans to Daphne and Sugar.]
Daphne: We could, [Stands up.] go to Earth and talk with the Specialists.
Sugar: D-date?
Daphne: Just a suggestion. Maybe— [Camera pans to Emerald.]
Emerald: Yes! Yes! Yes! Good idea, Daphne! [Camera pans to Diamond.]
Diamond: No.
Emerald: No? [Walks to Diamond.] Get a date! You too, Sugar!
Sugar: My date annoys me every time. Say, Diamond..let's agree with the plan and get a date.
Diamond: [Camera pans to her.] Oh, I would love too! Let's go do it!
Daphne: I'm set and ready to go!
Diamond: Why did we pick Earth?
Emerald: [Looks at Diamond.] 'Cause Earth's much fun than ordinary Magic Dimension!

Scene 2

[Scene cuts to The Gems in a red car, Sugar being the driver.]

Sugar: So are we all ready and set to go? [Camera pans to Emerald.]
Emerald: Oh wait, I forgot something really special!
Sugar: [Face palm.] Go get it!
Emerald: [Gets out of the car.] B.R.B!
Daphne: What does "B.R.B" mean anyway?
Diamond: It stands for "Be right back".

[Scene cuts to Emerald in her room.]

Emerald: [Looks under her bed.] Where are you, ring? You know [Camera pans to Emerald's mouth.] I need you. [Camera pans to Emerald walking to Daphne's bed.] Maybe Daphne hid it somewhere. Daphne wouldn't do that, wouldn't she? [Emerald walks to her bed table.] There you are! [Takes a gold ring and wears it on her left finger.] Now to go to Earth! [Walks out of the room.]

[Scene cuts to the car, Emerald enters it.]

Sugar: So are we all ready now? Emerald, no other leftovers?
Emerald: Nope. [Camera pans to her ring, later pans to Emerald's face as she smiles.]
Liana: Okay, let's drive.
Sugar: [Starts the engine and drives.]

Scene 3

Emerald: So what do we do while wait to arrive?
Sugar: [Spins the steering wheel.] Why am I always hit on by the boys I never like?
Daphne: Stop.
Sugar: That's just a song!
Daphne: I hate music!
Sugar: Do I care? [Spins the steering wheel.] Do I even look like I care?
Diamond and Liana: Stop fighting.
Daphne: She started singing!
Sugar: She started the argument!
Emerald: [Looks at Daphne angrily.] Stop!
Sugar: [Looks at Emerald] Whatever. I hear there's a party tonight. Wanna go?
Diamond: Yeah like that's a good idea.
Emerald: We're going to party!! This calls for new clothes
Diamond,Liana,Sugar, and Daphne: Emerald! Come on!
Emerald: Okay okay!