Ship warring is a war between the ship fandom of each show. Please do not violate the terms of service of ship warring. If a ship war is found on a talk page, we will give you severe punishment.

What's ship warring?

Examples of common ship warring are below.

  • "Ugh I hate X! Y forever!"
  • "Say no to Y! It sucks!"
  • "X is bullshit!"
  • "Y makes me puke! X forever!"
  • "X is f***! Y!"
  • "Y is boring."
  • "I'm SO into X! Y is just stupid!"
  • "This ship is stupid!"

What's NOT ship warring?

Here are example of what is not ship warring.

  • "I love both X and Y, but I prefer Y,"
  • "I am an X shipper,"
  • "I like Y better,"

Ship warring will result in severe punishment.

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