Season 1 is the first season of The Gems: A Magical Adventure. The season focuses on Diamond, and some things about Sugar's past is revealed too. 

Character Focus

  • Diamond
  • Sugar's past (a little)


Diamond discovers the truth about her past, that she is adopted and that she is a fire elemental fairy. She enters Fairiex College to learn more about her powers; and later discovers something shocking about her parents who are divorced. 

Sugar said that she does not know about her family, but later the history of her family was told by Headmistress Ara, who knows Sugar's parents. Her parents were cursed into a death curse, and that's the reason they died. More about her past is revealed in season 2.

Website Summary

"Diamond finds out that she is a fairy, and a fire elemental. She goes to Fairiex College to find out more about herself and her family, and finds out a very shocking discovery."


  • The only goof was in episode 20, when Liana, Sugar and Diamond entered the volleyball game there, and Liana's outfit changed color into red and then blue again.
  • This season is rated 7/10.
  • Lots of people thought that Diamond would not survive the fight in the final episode.