Roleplaying (RP for short) is a group of users who create their own character and play as their character. In most wikis roleplaying can be found in the forum, but here on Hollywood Arts we let you roleplay via the roleplaying prefix.


  • In a roleplay, remember to put your character name before you give their quote and/or movement. Remember to add a <br> before your character's.

Below is an example:
{{{Someone's}}}: <someone's character's quote and movement> <br>
{{{Your's}}}: <insert quote and movement here>

  • Please do not control some other user's character.
    • You can control a character if the owner allows you to.
  • We don't allow Mary-Sues and Gary-Stus.
    • Take a Mary-Sue quiz, and if your character is found to be a Mary-Sue, she can be roleplayed as long as it is not over 60%.
  • You can have more than 1 character, but no more than 5.
    • Controlling someone else's character (with permission) does not count.

Available Roleplays

Roleplays can be made by registered users and auto-confirmed users only.