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— Red stating that she's the wolf.

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Red Riding Hood

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Red Riding Hood is the counterpart of Diamond during the curse.


During the Curse

Red met The Gems, but she barely knows them, she only recognizes Emerald, who is Cinderella. She met Hook and they became a couple during the dark curse. She first thought Sugar, who is the Evil Queen, made the curse, but then realizes that they are best friends before the curse.


Red is high-self confidence, rebellious and flirtatious. She loves hunting the wolf of the valley, and didn't know it was her this whole time. During the curse, she still calls herself Red, even though she knows that's not her real name.


  • Red and Diamond are the same person, but have the opposite attitudes.
  • Red is skilled at archery.
  • She is the only counterpart of The Gems which was actually portrayed by the same person (both regular form and counterpart form), which is Meghan Ory.