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Narrator: Previously, Diamond and her friends went to the attack gym. They learn that the gym in Fairiex College is more than just a gym. Now, they understand meaning of the word fairy.


Scene 1

Emerald: This college is boring! [Blinks.] I want a prom-party!
Sugar: [Nudges Emerald.] Will you calm down?! [Lies her head on the table.] I hate prom!
Diamond: Proms are cool, but I find it boring when I don't got a date!
Girl #1: Well we all find it boring. I disagree Emerald!
Emerald: Well I'm gonna tell Headmistress Ara about the prom-party! [Stands up.] You all are gonna agree!
Liana: [Blinks.] This is the time I find you dumb!
Girl #2: She's right! [Giggles.] Proms are stupid!
Daphne: C'mon guys. [Stands up.] Proms are for our feminine personality. We should like proms. We're girls.
Sugar: Anyone else here is tomboyish?
Girl #3: Yaha! Diamond: [Raises up her hand with Liana and two other girls.] Definitely!
Emerald: Then I'll report you all as abusive to the headmistress!
Everyone except Sugar: Fine! We'll do it!
Sugar: [Glares.] Doing it by force!
Headmistress Ara: [Enters the class.] What's going on?
Emerald: Can we have a party? A prom?
Headmistress Ara: Well yes you may. You may pick your helpers.
Emerald: Well… Sugar, Liana, Daphne, Diamond you all are helping me organizing the prom!
Sugar: [Groans.] Why does it have to be me?!
Daphne: Relax! It's not like you're battling a momster of something.
Diamond: Momster?
Daphne: [Covers her left and right ears.] Stop telling me I said monster wrong!

Scene 2

[During the prom at night.]
Daphne: This is awesome! Wish I had a date though.
Diamond: Well you're sticking with me then. [Looks at Daphne.] We both are boy-less.
Dean: Oh hey girls! No date today?
Krystal: Diamond, Daphne, this is my fiancé Dean!
Diamond: Lucky you, bringing him on this prom. This is one of the main reasons why I hate proms! [Stands up and walks away.] Sky: [Walks to Daphne.] Wanna dance? I'm Sky.
Daphne: Well I was looking for a date tonight! I'm Daphne! [Walks away with Sky.]
[At the food table.] Sugar: [Walks to Diamond.] So you got no date tonight?
Diamond: Seems like it. Now why are you dressed with no black?
Sugar: Because [Sighs.] my boyfriend find me unattractive when I wear black. I hate this outfit because there's no black! Seriously, I'm a goth!
Diamond: Well then. I assume you hate the color your wearing; pink.
Sugar: Yeah. Yeah I do. I hate the color a lot. Gotta go now! [Walks away.]
Diamond: Taking some drink now. [Pours a glass of orange juice.] And right—
Witch #1: [Appears in front of Diamond.] Diamond! Finally!
Witch #3: We've been waiting for you!
Witch #2: [Laughs evilly.]
Diamond: Urgh! What do you want?!
Headmistress Ara: [Attacks one of the witches.] Diamond, they are your biological parents' arch nemesis! Run!
Diamond: What?! [Runs away.]

Scene 3

Diamond: Liana! I'm glad your here!
Liana: What happened? [Diamond points to the three witches.] Let's get the others!
Sugar: [Arrives with Daphne and Emerald.] What? What's the rush? I see you two look worried.
Liana: Them! [Points to the three witches flying to them.]
Daphne: Oh no!
Emerald: We better transform! Basic! [Transforms Basic with the others.]
Witch #2: Your pesky little powers aren't gonna stop us!
Diamond: You're wrong! Fire Arrow! [Blasts.]
Liana: Water Corpse! [Blasts.]
Witch #1: [Receives the power.] More you blast, the powerful I get!
Headmistress Ara: All together, fairies!
Sugar: Air Ray! [Blasts with Liana and Diamond.]
Daphne: Flower Power! [Blasts with Emerald and the witches disappear.]
Emerald: They are so wrong!
Diamond: Then let me seek revenge!
Emerald: Thank you Diamond!
Sugar: Get them! They destroyed this prom-party and they must suffer!

Scene 4

[Diamond was seen at the woods in the morning.]
Diamond: Witches, come out! [Transforms.] I am gonna kill you three! [The witches appear and blasts Diamond.]
Witch #3: [Blasts Diamond.] You pathetic fairy!
Diamond: You three are pathetic! [Blasts.]
Witch #1: [Blasts and kidnaps Diamond, witch #2 creates a spell and Diamond disappears.]


Narrator: In the next episode..Diamond was kidnapped by the witches. She will know the history of her biological parents too. Will she understand and defeat the witches?

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