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Ocean Gates are magical portals that are located deep in underwater of each planet in the Magical Dimension. Each Gate is guarded by a Selkie and an underwater mermaid guard.


Ocean Gate

The portal of Enchini.

  • The Gates appear as two really sharp rocks, that almost forms a circle, leaving an empty space between their upper spikes. There's a portal between these rocks appears to be invisible and it needs Selkies' magic to go through them. When something goes through the Gates or the Gate is activated, it glows brightly. They look the same from Enchini side. But from side of their worlds, they have features, resembling to element of the world.
  • Air Melody's Ocean Gate is shaped like harp from Air Melody's side.
  • Lothorien's portal is dark colored and has circuital lines and circles on it.
  • Earth Kingdom's gate is blue, shaped like leaf and some green seaweed is wrapped around it.
  • Dragon's gate is dark and curly, forming an C-letter like shape, that also looks similiar to flame.
  • Infinite Ocean has massive gate, which other side is possibly located in Enchini. It doesn't have guardian Selkie, but it requires powers of each other existing Selkies to enter. Once it's entered, one doesn't need Ocean Gates anymore as Infinite Ocean itself grants access to any existing ocean in magical dimension, including Earth.


  • Ocean Gates were undirectly mentioned by Cinnamon in past season as she told The Gems that every ocean in the Magical Dimension is magically connected.
  • It can be assumed that every world with some kind of an ocean has an Ocean Gate and guardian Selkie. This could include such worlds as Eraklyon or Oppositus.
  • An Ocean Gate can be activated to open on any other realm and is not only limited to Enchini and to the realm to which it is associated.
  • It is very interesting, that the Earth Ocean Gate is two. The first is in Gardenia, and the second is in the Paradise Bay.
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