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The Evil Queen is one of us fairies. She isn't evil, she's a friend.
— Mulan telling about the Evil Queen.




Mulan is the counterpart of Liana during the curse.


During the Curse

Mulan and Aurora were the only two who actually thinks The Evil Queen is not evil. Mulan have tried to convinced all of The Gems that they know each other. She tried to tell the Evil Queen about it, but the queen did not believe in her words.


Mulan is a professional fighter and had always been fearless. Despite being serious most of the time, Mulan can also show some happiness. But according to her, she never had a happy childhood.


  • Mulan is the only counterpart that is fearless, but it could be possible the Evil Queen is fearless too, but the queen showed some fear when Mulan told her she has good inside her heart.
  • Mulan is also the only counterpart who's fairy tale is based on the known legend, Mulan.