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Make It In America is an upcoming movie produced by Magic Mirrors and co-produced by 20th Century and ABC Studios. It is confirmed that the movie will be about both Teenage Dreams and The Gems: A Magical Adventure as of Avan, Dexter and Monica will know they are fairies. It will only be 2D during the flashback.


Promo Poster - Make It In America

Make It In America official promo poster.

The first seen of Make It In America was shooted on December 2012. Then, the other scenes started to be shooted and recorded on January 24, 2013 until July 8, 2013. The promo posters were released on October 11, 2013 and by far has only one promo poster. 


The gang (Diamond, Sugar, Jewel, Dexter, Avan, Riven and Monica) were hanging out together at Diamond and Monica's house. Riven accidentally said that magic is real, making Monica, Avan and Dexter burst into laughter. Sugar and Jewel tells Diamond that they should tell them [Monica, Avan and Dexter] about who they really are and where they come from. Riven tells that the three of them were fairies, and Diamond starts to tell the story.

We go on the flashback of The Gems in California. They all were sitting at the Fruitti Music Bar, hanging out together along with the Specialists. 

Emerald was drawing some fashion designs with some help from her two best friends, Liana and Daphne. Emerald asked them what should be the first color for the first part of the color palette, and Liana says blue while Daphne says pink. The two later argue which color it shall be.

Back to the present, Dexter asks what is the Magic Dimension. Diamond and Jewel said that it's hidden and is far away from the galaxy and Earth. Monica cannot believe that the three of them are fairies and Riven is a "special man". 

Jewel and Sugar sing Give It Up RL

Real life version of Give It Up.

Back to the past, it flashes back to the episode "Song For A Gem" where Jewel and Sugar sing Give It Up, but in real life version.  
Diamond with the orb
After a few hours (advertisement), Avan asked Diamond if she had powers. Diamond created a fire orb, which surprises Avan and Dexter. Monica quickly stood up, and walks to Diamond and looks at the orb. 

Suddenly, the house was shaking. The gang looked at each other curiously, and then Jewel, Diamond and Sugar were transported into a portal out of sudden, which worries the boys and Monica.

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