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Princess Lucy


Enchanted Kingdom (currently living in the Enchanted Forest)
Only appearance

Princess Lucy is a minor, yet major character in The Gems: The Dark Curse. She is the princess of the Enchanted Kingdom. The Gems (after the curse) stayed in the kingdom for a short while along with her. 


During the Curse

Lucy stayed in the Enchanted Kingdom. Her father told her she doesn't need to be afraid because the curse can be broken. Lucy went to her room, worrying if there would be no hero to break the curse.

Quietly after two days Lucy left the Enchanted Kingdom and went to the Enchanted Forest, trying to find the cursed The Gems members. She managed to talk to Snow White, who still think the curse doesn't exist. Later Lucy found Mulan and they talked about the curse. Mulan tells that if the others couldn't believe the curse shall never be broken.

Lucy went home. Her father hugged her and asked what happened. Lucy stated that she was trying to find the heroes, but only one of them believes.

After the Curse

The Gems in their season 5 outfits were still in the Enchanted Forest happily celebrate. Lucy came to them and told them they have to defeat the real person who made the curse. Lucy invited them to the Enchanted Kingdom.

The Gems stayed in the kingdom for 3 days to get a rest. Lucy tells them that the curse can be re-created, which scares Emerald. 

3 days later, Lucy follows The Gems to the Enchanted Forest. She helps them find the real enemy, and then in the finale it was revealed that Lucy will stay in the forest.


Lucy was born with black hair. Her hair changed white when she was aged 2 years old during the Full Moon War, and theories have said it is because she is connected to the Full Moon. Now her civilian is a navy blue dress and black boots. Her hair is released and the right and left are braided. Lucy has blue eyes.