There are many fanons out there, and sometimes the good ones don’t get all of the attention they deserve, while the bad ones do. Here’s a way to help people pick out the best of fanons.

How does it work?

Below, begin a new line for a fanon you consider to be worthy of fanon power status, other than your own. Then, if the fanon get a total of five supports (including yourself), the author will receive a Fanon Power Award, noting the fanon and the original nominator. If the author receives five Fanon Power Awards (that’s a total of twenty-five different people supporting), they will be considered fanonbending masters. Why twenty-five? It ensures that Fanon Fairy Masters indeed have attained mastery over their writing. Only nominate/support if the fanon is deserving; in other words, if an obviously low-quality fanon gets twenty-five backings by clearly spam-users, it may be counted; don’t try to cheat the system. An author cannot nominate or support one of his or her own fanons via his or her regular account or through sockpuppetry. If you feel a fanon is not deserving of this title but has been nominated, feel free to message an administrator with your reasoning.

If you want to nominate, please place the fanon in alphabetical order relative to others. Nomination will open voting on the fanon to everyone.

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The Templates

Here is a random example as to how it looks.

Writing a letter This user is a Fanon Fairy/Specialist, for his/her The Love of Disappointment. Nominated by Stellamusa101.

{{Fanon Fairy|{{nominator}}|{{fanon title}}}}

Add 2, 3, and 4 when you're double/triple/quadruple Fanon Fairy.

List of Fanon Fairies