Fanon:The Love of Disappointment


Fiction T/Romance

The Love of Disappointment is a fanon about Diamond and Sugar. This fanon maybe inappropriate for children aged 1-12.



  • Diamond will be the main protagonist in this fanon as of this fanon is about her and Sugar.
  • Sugar is the main secondary protagonist in this fanon who fell in love with someone she cares about.
  • Cinnamon is the main deuteragonist in this fanon. She will help them gain love back again, but still disapproved it.


  • Emerald will be the antagonist as of she will try to kill Sugar for falling in love.
  • Nina will try to break Diamond's heart, but later she will become a protagonist.
  • Daphne will be a minor antagonist and helps Emerald to do her quest.

Major Characters

  • Liana is a major character and will not appear much in the fanon. She ships Diamond and Sugar together, though she knows it's wrong.
  • Jewel will try to know what happened.


More coming soon..

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