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"Our baby is coming out!" Diamond shouted. "Shall we go to the hospital?" Sugar asked. "Why would you even ask that?!" Diamond asked and she screamed. "Kay, let's go," Sugar said and smiled to her beloved wife.

"So where is her husband?" The nurse asked. "You're talking to her husband, right now." Sugar answered. The doctor glares at Sugar. "Explain briefly, please." The nurse said. "Well we fell in love with each other and married, and somehow we'd never expected a baby. "Alright, then." The nurse replied. The doctor walked to Sugar. "The baby is in critical danger, and might be in this hospital for quite hours." The doctor said. "What?! My daughter is in critical danger?!" Sugar shouted. "Yes, and this is believed to because of homosexual. It will kill every baby a husband or wife pregnant if homosexual happens," The doctor explained. "You shut up, you gay doctor!" Sugar shouted. "I'm not gay. You see, my wife is the nurse. In fact, you're the lesbian around here," The doctor said and smiled.

Sugar walked to her wife in the wad. She approached her in disappointment. "Our baby, she's—" "I know. But what matters is that we're together." Diamond said before Sugar could finish her sentence. "I've been waiting for a baby for years! Diamond, you have to pregnant again!" Sugar shouted. "I don't think so. Because we are here to stop this!" A voice said. Sugar turned around and saw Emerald.

"B-but?" Sugar asked. She was shocked to see Emerald. "I know your dirty little secret," Emerald replied.

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