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One month later, Sugar and Diamond return to Earth. They are happy to be together.

"Tell me where'd you and Diamond went to!" Cinnamon demanded an explanation. "We were in a honeymoon," Sugar replied. "With who? Your boyfriend and Dean are here!" Cinnamon shouted. "That's right. We're in a honeymoon," Diamond said and walked to the two girls. "Diamond, did you marry Dean?" Cinnamon asked. "Please don't tell anyone." Diamond said. "I married Sugar." Cinnamon frowned. "Lesbians?" Cinnamon asked. "I know it's wrong but you two are so cute together!" "Thanks," Sugar thanked Cinnamon.

Emerald heard from behind. Ugh I'm gonna get them! What they're doing is very wrong! I wish I can kill them! Emerald thought. "Now whatever they're doing, I'm teaming up with you." Daphne said. "Let us bring back justice!" Emerald said with full of passion. I'll make sure they will never be together again! This is wrong. Daphne thought.

Two months later..

Diamond walked to Sugar in the hotel they're staying. "Honey, why is your stomach big?" Sugar asked. "Sugar, I'm pregnant!" Diamond shouted. "Is it a girl or a boy?" Sugar asked delightfully. "A girl," Diamond answered. They hugged each other. "It is truly a miracle, my love. I will always love you." Diamond smiled. "And I love you from and forever." Sugar smiled back. We are having a baby! This is a big miracle! I can't wait to nurse it! Diamond thought. Maybe the name would be Rose. Sugar thought. They kissed.

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