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Diamond and Sugar did not invite anyone on their marriage. They invited themselves, of course. They'd make the marriage at the backyard of Sugar's bungalow house. 

"Shall we?" Sugar asked. "We shall!" Diamond smiled as Sugar slips a gold ring on Diamond's finger. They then kissed for the third time. "We are officially married," Diamond said. "Then why don't we celebrate our anniversary today?" Sugar asked. "Where shall we go, dear husband?" Diamond asked. "My beloved wife, we shall go to Italy and  stay there for a month," Sugar answered. "If we get a baby, what shall we name it?" Diamond asked. Sugar made a sad face. "Girls and girls get married won't get a baby." She sighed. "But let's hope for a miracle." They entered the house and kissed, and do their house chores. 

"Italy." Diamond smiled. "Yes, Italy." Sugar replied. Diamond made a portal to Italy and they entered it. Sugar was surprised to see Italy. They slept at a hotel. 

"So are you two in a honeymoon with your husbands? Shall I gave you a room with four?" The manager asked with an Italian accent. "Actually, she's my husband," Diamond patted Sugar's back. "And she's my beloved wife," Sugar kissed Diamond's cheek. The manager frowned. "A lady marries a lady?" The manager asked. "you won't get a baby."  "Unless it's a miracle?" Sugar smiled. "I hope so." Diamond hugged Sugar. The manager was freaking out and yelled "Room for a....couple!" Sugar takes the key and slips it in her pocket. "Thank you for your kind service," She greeted and her and Diamond walked to their room, 168. 

They unpacked their stuff from their luggage. "Hey honey," Sugar called out. "Yes sweetie?" Diamond asked. "Why did the manager frowned when we told we're married?" Sugar asked. Diamond sighed. "What? You want to divorce?" Diamond asked. "No, baby, no! Don't think like that, honey." Sugar threw her shirt away, making her half-naked. Diamond blushed and they kissed. 

"Have you guys seen Diamond and Sugar?" Cinnamon asked. "For the record, no." Nina replied. "Wherever they are, they seem awkward." Cinnamon said. "I am gonna find them. I will never stop!" 

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