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Diamond walked to the beach house which now belongs to Emerald. She smiled at Emerald, who was smiling at her. Emerald walked to the beach and sat under a shady spot. Sugar was there and she stared at her. "So you own this beach house now?" Sugar asked obnoxiously. "I don't just own the beach house, I own the beach too." Emerald replied. "How much does it cost anyways?" Sugar asked again. "$8,000. That doesn't count the beach yet which is $5,000," Emerald answered and she glared at Sugar. Diamond walked to them, followed by Liana, Nina, Daphne and Jewel.

"What was the aim of buying this beach house?" Diamond asked. "Alright! I guess there's already TOO much questions! Ask my manager!" Emerald stood up and ran away. "I think we better follow her," Liana said. "Hey we'll catch with you later!" Daphne said and ran with Liana to chase Emerald. "Well, seems like my coconut milkshake needs to be filled in.." Nina hold a glass which is empty. "I'm thirsty," Jewel whined. "Then let's go get some!" Nina said and she walked away with Jewel. "Hey Sugar, wanna check out Emi's new room?" Diamond asked. "I just wanna see how she decorates it, not all of it." Sugar replied. Diamond and Sugar walked to Emerald's room.

"Wow she has lots of clothes in here," Diamond said as she and Sugar entered Emerald's room, which is messy with clothes. "Yeah. And none of them are black, now that's not the taste!" Sugar said as she holds a pink gown. "I guess that would fit for prom?" Diamond smiled. "More like for a dog!" Sugar said and they giggled. "You know Sugar, when we first met, don't you think it was too soon?" Diamond asked. Sugar sighed. Suddenly the two felt tiring. "I know this question is inappropriate, but have you ever thought of us..being a couple?" Sugar asked.

"Wait, a couple?" Diamond blushed continuously. "Diamond, this is my serious talk." Sugar said. "When we argued, I always.." Sugar paused for a moment. "I think I am in love with you." Sugar said in a low voice. Diamond silenced herself. "Diamond, please tell me. Do you have the same feeling?" Sugar asked. Diamond nod. She can't say a thing. Before she can, Sugar quickly hold her and they share a passionate kiss. 

"Wait.. did we just..kiss?" Diamond asked. "Diamond, this is the thing I wished for." Sugar smiled and they kissed again. "This whole loved me! But..I don't want to marry you!" Diamond disagreed. "It's legal." Sugar stared at Diamond's eyes, falling in love. "Diamond," Sugar bent her knees and took out a ring from her pocket. "will you marry me?" "Oh Sugar!" Diamond smiled. "Of course! We will be an awesome couple!" They hold each other tightly and kissed..again.

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