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[Scene shows Diamond and Sugar in the forest.]

Diamond: I think we should get back to Fairiex. [Sugar frowns.]
Sugar: It's 10:00AM in the morning, and today has got no classes.
Diamond: I'm not sure if hanging out in the forest, [Awkward smile.] would be a good idea.
Sugar: [Rolls eyes.] Why not, Miss Goody-Goody? Besides, Headmistress Ara said we can go anywhere as long as it's safe and legal, remember?
Diamond: This is legal..but is it safe to be in the forest here, just the two of us? What if we get lost?
Sugar: Then just poof up a map! We have magic.
Diamond: You're right, Miss Know-It-All! [Stomps feet.]
Sugar: Alright, what is wrong with us?
Diamond: Gems?
Sugar: No, I mean the two of us! We were best friends, [Looks at Diamond.] after the whole Caroline thing..we're just friends and lately we treat each other as if enemies!
Diamond: I..
Sugar: Let's just [Points to the north.] head North and see what's there. [Starts walking with Diamond.]
Diamond: Alright, Sugar Muffin. [Giggles.]
Sugar: [Curt look.] Say that again and you're dead!
Diamond: Yeah right.

[Scene cuts to Diamond and Sugar at a place.]

Diamond: Whoa! This is fantastic!
Sugar: I know, right? [Smirks.] Too bad Jewel is busy helping Headmistress Ara with the party.
Diamond: Bad luck. L-O-L. [A girl appears in front of them.] Who..are you?
Izora: My name is Izora Blackstone. And I'm here to order you to get something belonged to my family.
Sugar: Wait..what? Just..what? [Hands on hips.] You can't just order us.
Izora: [Rolls eyes.] Get me the silver ring from Iris. Right now or I'll destroy the whole world.
Diamond: Why should we?
Sugar: And what does this have to do with Iris?
Izora: [Evil laugh.] I'm a vampire, you see. [Camera shows Diamond and Sugar shocked; pans back to Izora.] Part of the Blackstone family, along with your good friend Iris.
[Camera pans to Diamond]
Diamond: That can't be true. Won't Iris tell us if she were?
[Camera pans to Izora]
Izora: Remember this earthling Trust no one. Now where is Iris
Sugar: We don't have to tell you
Izora: Oh. But if you don't everyone you love will die and will be frozen.[Camera pans to Diamond and Sugar confused.] That's right you heard me. I am an ice elemental vampire.
Sugar: All right we'll show you the way.
[Sugar and Diamond followed by Izora go back to Fairiex College]

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