Fallen Roses
Season 7, Episode 4
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Production Code704
English Air DateDecember 21, 2013
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Fallen Roses is the fourth episode of the seventh season of The Gems: A Magical Adventure.


Diamond and Sugar were hanging out in the forest, and accidentally stumbled upon a girl named Izora Blackstone. Izora told Diamond and Sugar to get her a silver ring from Iris or she will destroy the whole world, and Sugar replies to Izora what would she do to the golden ring, and what does she have to do with Iris. Izora replies she is a vampire and that Iris is also a vampire, part of the Blackstone family.

Major Events


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  • This episode marks the first appearance of Izora.
  • Izora is the younger sister of Iris, but in scene 8, she calls Iris "little sis". It was possibly a goof, or that Izora just likes to tease people.
  • The silver ring accidentally sunk into the waterfall, and when Izora dives into the waterfall, Iris, Diamond, Sugar and Jewel think that Izora could be dead since Iris said Izora can't swim; and it's whether Izora had swimming lessons or that she used her ice powers to freeze the water and swim because in the next episode it is shown she's alive.
    • It could also be because Izora can breath underwater, as she stated in scene 8, "I breath underwater, little sis." 
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