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Narrator: The prom at Fairiex College went well. The Gems have their own date, except Diamond.


Scene 1

Diamond: [Scene cuts to Diamond struggling in a cave.] Ugh..can't [Pushes the cage.] I get out of this stupid cage? I must contact the others. [Uses her fairy dust, but nothing happened.] So this cage disables magic? [Grins.] What about technology? [Takes out her phone, tries to call Emerald, but it shows the word "Low Battery" on it.] Low battery? Looks like I've got no chance.
Júi: [Arrives with Celeste and Icy.] Hey Diamond. Enjoying the party?
Diamond: [Makes face.] Yeah, I am. I'm enjoying [Smiles.] being trapped in this cage for hours! It's fun, it's cool, it's great!
Celeste: What?
Icy: [Angry.] Well I hope you enjoy your little party!
Júi: Remember, [Looks at Diamond angrily.] we will stop at nothing to hurt you! [Disappears with her sisters.]

Scene 2

Liana: [In her room.] I just don't get this puzzle! 6 more pieces left! [Face palm.] Ugh! [Her phone rings and she answers it.] Oh, hey Beck! I am enjoying the puzzle!
Beck: [On phone.] Have you finished it?
Liana: Um, not yet.. [Thinking.] Beck likes smart girls who solves puzzles quickly, and I like him. Then I've got no choice but to lie! [Smiles.] I mean, yes! I finished it, alright!
Beck: [ On phone.] Oh, good! Can I take a look at your masterpiece?
Liana: Um, not yet, not yet.
Beck: [On phone.] Hmm..why not?
Liana: Because.. [Looks at the ground.] I shuffled it's cards so that I get play it again! I might wanna play it again..and again..and again..and again... [Giggles.] multiple times.
Beck: [On phone.] That doesn't make any sense. But..have fun sweetie! [Ends call.]
Liana: [Puts her phone in her pocket.] He just called me sweetie! How happy I am, that I can't make a face!

Scene 3

Daphne: [Outside of Fairiex with Emerald.] Isn't nature beautiful?
Emerald: It's amazing! [Bored face.]
Daphne: Let's water it. I'll take—
Emerald: [Angry.] No!
Daphne: Oh so you're pretty offended when I ask you to do work. Like how you don't finish all the homeworks Grizelda gave us.
Emerald: [Looks at Daphne.] Yeah, I prefer detention!
Daphne: Now, [Makes a rainbow.] look at this rainbow. It's from the combination of sun and rain. Most fairies don't like rainbows, but I love rainbows. [Smiles.] It's hard to find one. So that's why I—
Emerald: Inspiration!
Daphne: I'm sorry, what?
Emerald: [Grins.] Inspiration for new fashion designs!
Daphne: Oh. [Smiles.] I'll be looking forward for that.

Scene 4

[Scene cuts to Sugar in her room with a guitar.]

Sugar: [Plucks her guitar, starts singing.] Why does suddenly I feel so bored?
There's nothing to do, everyday feels bad,
And I don't have a word to say.
I get bored minute by minute,
Every second ticks I feel so bored,
It's like there's nothing in life to do.. [Stops plucking her guitar.] Ugh! I am so freaking bored! [Lies on bed, fell asleep.]
Daphne: [Enters with Emerald.] Sugar!
Sugar: [Wakes up.] What are you girls doing here?
Emerald: We heard your song. It was [Hugs Sugar.] fantastic! Continue with it, please!
Daphne: Yeah, [Smiles.] do it!
Sugar: [Plucks her guitar.] It feels like days are going straight,
Everyday doesn't feel no-or-mal,
Every second that ticks,
Make feels crazy. [Stops.] Nah, I've got no lyrics!
Daphne: Well! [Giggles.]

Scene 5

[Scene cuts to Liana outside of Fairiex.]

Liana: So what else could I help with the test preparation?
Avalon: We want you to create bubbles.
Ara: Dangerous bubbles. [Smiles.] The one that if you tried to touch, it explodes!
Liana: [Sad face.] But, I can't make bubbles.
Ara: Only selected water fairies can. [Touches Liana's shoulder.] And you are selected. Take a deep breath.
Liana: [Smiles.] Oh really?
Avalon: Concentrate.
Liana: If you say so. [Tries to create a bubble, but instead a wave of water splashed over Fairiex, and they all became wet.]

Scene 6

[Scene cuts to Sugar's room.]

Emerald: LIANA! I am gonna..ugh! All my clothes are wet!
Daphne: [Smiles.] But at least the plants get water.
Sugar: And... [Angry face.] I CAN'T PLUCK IN MY GUITAR!! I am gonna kill Liana!
Daphne: Calm down. [Looks at Sugar.] It's just a guitar. You can create one using magic.
Sugar: My parents gave me that before they've disappeared! It was a gift on my BIRTHDAY! [Creates a new one in a sad face.] Now I have this new stupid guitar! Thanks a lot!
Daphne: Calm down.
Emerald: I can't calm down too! [Stomps.]

Scene 7

[Scene cuts to Diamond.]

Diamond: I'm so hungry and thirsty. [Sits down.] The only thing I could actually do is sleep and wait. [Sighs.] I know it's not something I am not suppose to do, but, maybe I could get an idea while sleeping. [Lays down and sleeps.]
Nymph: [In dream.] Diamond! Diamond!
Diamond: [In dream.] Huh? [Walks in the ocean and looks at the nymph.] How do you know my name? Who are you?
Nymph: [In dreams.] That's not the matter. [Blasts and bubbles glow.] I want you to search for the flame within you. You and Liana are opposites and have a connection. [Smiles.] You make fire bubbles and she makes water bubbles. [Stops smiling.] Try contacting her.
Diamond: [In dream.] You mean for help? This cage opposites magic.
Nymph: [In dream.] Search for it. [Disappears.]
Diamond: [Wakes up, gasps.] Maybe there is a reason I fell asleep. [Both hands on head.] Contact Liana!