Júi and her sisters are getting stronger!
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Season 1, Episode 5
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Production Code105
English Air DateFebruary 26, 2010
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Fairynapped! is the fifth episode of the first season of The Gems: A Magical Adventure.


Diamond is trapped in the witches' cave. She tried to contact the other Gems using her fairy dust power, but she can't do it since the witches have made her cage invisible towards magic. She took out her phone out of her pocket but the phone was in low battery. Later, Júi and her sisters arrived and they told Diamond that they will stop at nothing to hurt her.

Meanwhile at Fairiex, Liana was trying to complete a puzzle Beck gave her. Soon enough, her phone rang and it was Beck who called. Beck asked if Liana has complete the puzzle. Liana had tried to say no, but she knows Beck likes smart girls and lied yes.

Daphne and Emerald are outside of Fairiex. They were wandering around, looking at nature. Daphne suggested they water the flowers, and quickly Emerald said "No". Daphne used her powers and made a beautiful rainbow, which became Emerald's inspiration for fashion.

Sugar was playing her guitar in her room. She sang a song she made by herself titled "Bored". She stopped playing the guitar and lied on her bed. Tired, she fell asleep. Out of sudden, Emerald and Daphne entered her room, waking Sugar up.

Liana stopped solving the puzzle and is seen helping Headmistress Ara and Professor Avalon prepare the test. Avalon told her to concentrate and make glowing bubbles. Liana stated that she doesn't often use her bubble abilities, and Ara encouraged her by telling her only selected water fairies can do it, and that Liana is selected. Liana smiled, and she tried to create bubbles, but instead she created a wave of water that splashed onto Fairiex.

Emerald was shocked and angry that all her clothes are wet. Daphne was happy that because of the water the plants outside of Fairiex get water. Sugar was angry that her guitar can't be plucked anymore. Sugar stated that she will kill Liana. Daphne told Sugar to calm down since it was just a guitar and that she can create one using magic. Sugar stated that the guitar was a gift from her long lost mother and father. She created another guitar in disappointment.

Diamond was hungry and thirsty since there were no food and water. She fell asleep and had a dream where a nymph called her and told her to search for magic. She woke up and looked around.

Liana calmly created bubbles. She was happy. She later sensed something bad is going to happen, but she doesn't know it would be much worst.

Major Events

  • Beck's first appearance.


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