• Fairiex College is under renovation. The team members are building a new area. Please wait to see the new areas and student IDs.

Fairiex College Registration is a registration page. You must register here to become a student. Below is the registration form.

Registration Form

UPDATE as of June 15, 2013: As of in the series, powers are based on the four elements. So you can only choose water, earth, fire or air.

Name (or username): _____________________
Age (must be 13 and above—if not be at least 11): _____________ years old
Origin: _____________
Powers and abilities: __________________
*Skills: ______________________

Note: "*" is optional.


  • Easily switch to source mode. Copy and paste the codes above and then fill in the blanks and give the form you'd filled to an administrator.
  • When the administrator accepts, you can start editing. When the administrator declines, please wait for a week an simply do it again and give the form to a different administrator.
  • Do not edit this page neither the talk page. As stated above, give the form to an administrator.
  • If all admins declined you, and you'd already tried again the next week and so on, please wait after six months, since you will start learning a new grade and subject.