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Narrator: In the previous episode, Diamond discovers that she's a fairy along with Emerald. Can she make her own spell?


Scene 1

[Scene starts with Diamond and Emerald walking to a college.]
Emerald: [Enters.] Whoah!
Diamond: [Enters.] This college looks fun!
Emerald: Please say that again!
Diamond: Sure, [Walks with Emerald.] I would. But.. [Bumps a girl with navy hair.]
Girl (revealed as Sugar): Ow! Who are you? And why did you bump me?!
Diamond: I'm really sorry. I didn't see you, girl. And–
Sugar: Girl? My name is Sugar! [Walks away.]
Liana: Don't worry about Sugar, she's always like that. I'm Liana!
Daphne: My name's Daphne! [Walks to them.] Are you newbies like us?
Emerald: Well, in a way. My name is Emerald!
Diamond: I'm not a newbie actually, I'm a NEW newbie. I just found out I'm adopted [Sighs.] and that I'm a fire fairy, like Emerald.
Liana: I'm a water fairy! And girl, [Smiles.] tell me your name!
Diamond: Diamond. Call me Diamond.
Voice: New students, please enter the school hall.
Daphne: Looks like we all better get going! [Walks away.]
Diamond: Well, she's right! [Walks away with Emerald and Liana.]

Scene 2

Headmistress Ara: Welcome, new students. We will send you to your classes.
Sugar: [Arrives.] And how? Judge us by our looks? Our personality?
Headmistress Ara: An attack test.
Liana: Wait..I can't. [Sighs.] I haven't earn Basic, yet.
Diamond: And so do I.
Headmistress Ara: You two will earn it. And can earn it. Now, begin!

Scene 3

Daphne: Basic! [Transforms.]
Headmistress Ara: Daphne. Attack!
Diamond: [Shocked.] Wait..what?!
Liana: I didn't!
Daphne: This is just a test. Earth Blast! [Attacks.]
Emerald: Watch out, girls!
Diamond: Uh oh! Fire Blast! [Makes a barrier.] Wow! [Earns Basic.]
Daphne: Rock Ivy! [Attacks.]
Liana: Oh no! Water Warp! [Makes a shield and earns Basic.]
Sugar: Fairytastic.
Daphne: Green Wave! [Attacks.]
Liana: Diamond, convergence!
Diamond and Liana: Water Heat! [Attacks Daphne.]
Daphne: Ah! [Falls down.]
Headmistress Ara: Emerald, Sugar, Liana, Daphne, Diamond. You all are in the same class and dorm.
Sugar: Oh great! Not just rooms with her but same class. [Walks away.]

Scene 4

[The five fairies are in their room.]

Diamond: Sugar.
Sugar: What?
Diamond: Why do you hate me so much?
Sugar:  It's so hard to explain!
Diamond: Just tell me!
Sugar: Because— [Walks away.]


Narrator: In the next episode..the five fairies went to the attack gym. They battle each other to learn more about their powers. Can they do it?

[Fade to credits.]