Entering Fairiex College
Season 1, Episode 2
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Production Code102
English Air DateFebruary 12th, 2010
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Entering Fairiex College is the second episode of the first season of The Gems: A Magical Adventure.


Diamond and Emerald entered Fairiex College. Diamond was amazed. She suddenly bumped into Sugar, who was cold-hearted and Sugar walked away. She and Emerald met Liana and Daphne. They found out they were roommates along with Sugar.

They were ordered to go to the school hall. The headmistress, Ara welcomed the new students there. Diamond was thinking about her power, and was surprised when Headmistress Ara said they have to take a test to know which class to go.

Diamond, Daphne, Sugar, Emerald and Liana took the test. Diamond and Liana then earned their basic transformation. The five of them were set in the same class. Sugar slapped her face to believe that she isn't just roommates with Diamond, but they also are in the same class. Diamond asked Sugar why she hates her so much, and Sugar didn't reply and kept quiet.

Major Events

  • The first appearance of Headmistress Ara, Daphne, Liana and Sugar.
  • Diamond and Liana earn their basic transformation.
    • It was said on the official website that Liana earned her basic before Diamond, but it is also possible she lost her basic and re-earned it.


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  • On The Gems website, it is said that Liana has already earned her Basic transformation before Diamond, but in this episode, Liana earned her Basic. It may be possible that she lost her Basic because a fairy can lose a transformation, and that she re-earned it.
  • Diamond and Emerald entered Fairiex College.
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