Dragon is one of the planets known in The Gems: A Magical Adventure. Geographically in the series, the planet is eight miles next to the planet Neptune. Dragon is the home planet to Diamond and all other fire fairies.

The people of the Dragon planet are peaceful. They strive to live in harmony with nature and the other nations of the world. The Dragon planet is less powerful than both the Earth Kingdom and Air Melody, due to its population size and economy.


A thousand centuries ago, the predecessors of Dragon planet received the element of fire from a crystal labyrinth. They could request the ability whenever they ventured the Spirit World, to aid in the gathering of food and resources while defending themselves from hostile spirits.

Nevertheless, several aspects of life and observances practiced by the predecessors of the first members of the Dragon planet became part of the planet's culture, such as their dependence on fire for sustenance. Furthermore, the implementation of red, dome-like structures still remains as an integral part of Dragon planet architecture.


The appearance of the Dragon planet is based on its corresponding element, fire. Each of the planets has its own elemental color, which in the case of the Dragon planet is red. The Fire Tribe is an exception, as they tend to wear green due to their affinity with plants.


As a result of the strong customary theme expressed by the two major sects, the Dragon planet's military during the war was considerably underresourced in comparison with that of the Earth Kingdom or the highly industrialized Air Melody.


Dragon planet has fought against Air Melody because of several (unknown) issues. When Air Melody succeeded during the war, Dragon planet was taken over. But later Dragon planet's army striked Air Melody and gained back the planet.

Dragon (planet)
Dragon planet residence now live in peace and harmony; and neither of the people are thinking about Air Melody anymore. 
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