In The Gems: A Magical Adventure, the diaries continuity is a book series which was first released on 2011. 


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On February 2011, the first diary was released. A set of each costs $9.90 (or sometimes $12.00 for a "special" version". Only Diamond's, Sugar's, Emerald's and Daphne's diaries were released. Diamond's diary was the most bought of all.


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On January 2012, the set of Liana's, Jewel's, and Nina's diaries were released. The cost changed into $11.00 since the first four diaries were popular. However, Nina's diary was the most bought of all.


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On May 2013, the special sets were released. This diaries follows the adventures of The Gems during their season 6 mission, and their feelings. The 2013 diaries are the most popular among other diaries' year releases.

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