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Scene 1

[The scene starts with a girl walking to a house.]

Girl (revealed as Diamond): Dad! It's me. Open up the door!
Roy: [Opens up the door.] Diamond, finally! I've been waiting for you to come back. [Diamond enters the house. Roy closes the door.]
Neressa: [Opens the door and walks inside.] Hi, guys! How's it going?
Diamond: I just got back, mum. [Looks at Neressa.]
Neressa: Oh. Well, I'm preparing tea. Diamond, wanna help?
Diamond: Sorry, mum but I'm not in the mood… [Looks at the wall clock.] right now. Later!
Neressa: Diamond, I got special news this Spring for the holidays!
Diamond: Are we going on a holiday, mum? Dad?
Roy: Sorry, sweetie. [Sad face.] We don't have any money to effort. We planned to take you to L.A, but, money doesn't grow from trees.
Diamond: [Frustrated.] Oh, it's okay. I don't mind spending time here as long as I'm with you guys. And, mum, dad, sorry, I know I just got here, but… gotta rush to the park! [Opens the door, runs away.]
Roy: I thinks she's frustrated. [Shrugs.]
Neressa: She already is.

Scene 2

Diamond: [Sitting under a tree.] Spring is weird sometimes. [A voice was heard.] What? [Stands up and hid behind the tree. She then took a look and saw a fairy battling a witch.]
Fairy (revealed as Emerald): [Attacks.] You are going down, witch!
Witch (revealed as Maradona): Haha! Like you're gonna beat me.
Diamond: Stop! [Walks to them.]
Emerald: Girl, you better hide! This isn't a safe place!
Maradona: A human can't defeat a witch! [Laughs evilly.]
Diamond: Can't defeat a witch? [Angry.] Who said I can defeat you? [Slaps the witch, fire comes out of her hands.]
Emerald: Huh? Fire?
Maradona: You're a fire fairy?! [Angrily.]
Emerald: Fire Solar! [Attacks.]
Diamond: [Slaps the witch again, fire appears.] Haha!
Maradona: You. Will. Suffer.…fire fairy! [Disappears.]
Diamond: Wait…what?
Emerald: Hi. I'm Emerald!
Diamond: I'm Diamond.
Emerald: You know, you're a fairy. Why don't you go to Fairiex College for Fairies? [Smirks.]
Diamond: Wait…I'm a fairy? Yes! [Jumps.] I've always wanted to be one!
Emerald: I think we both are paired together, to fight together. Fire fairies.
Diamond: Wow! I'm surprised, also happy!

Scene 3

[The scene starts with Diamond and Emerald walking to Diamond's house.]

Diamond: Mum, dad, open up. It's me!
Roy: [Opens the door.] Come in, girls?
Emerald: [Walks in with Diamond and sits on the sofa next to Neressa.] Hello, Diamond's parents. I'm Emerald, the fairy of fire.
Neressa: Are you sure you're feeling okay, Emerald?
Roy: Neressa's right. Are you feeling okay?
Diamond: [Laughs.] Mum, dad, Emerald's not crazy. In fact, I'm a fire fairy too.
Neressa: What? Really?
Emerald: Well if you don't believe… [Makes a fire ball.] See?
Roy: No way! [Eyes widened.] Is my eye okay?
Diamond: Dad, I attacked and helped Emerald. And there is something best for me, I have to go to the college for fairies. It's the only way for me to discover more.
Emerald: [Raises an eyebrow.] If you're a fairy, why isn't your mother a fairy?
Neressa: Sorry if I break your heart sweetie but, your adopted.
Diamond: [Shocked.] Oh..okay. So, can I?
Neressa: Oh course! You could totally–
Roy:! Neressa, fairies. Seriously? What if Emerald is actually drunk as a skunk?
Emerald: Take that back! Before I [Creates fire.] punch you in the lips!
Diamond: Emerald, no bad words please.
Emerald: And don't worry! [Makes the fire disappear.] There are lots of fairies in the Magic Dimension!
Diamond: We'll do it together!
Roy: Fine.
Emerald: Can I stay here for just tonight?
Roy: Fine.
Emerald: Yay! [Walks upstairs with Diamond.]
Roy: Oh fairy patterns.
Neressa: [Laughs.] Oh Roy!


Narrator: In the next episode, Diamond goes to Fairiex college. There, she met new friends…and also a rival.

[Fade to credits.]