Diamond's Destiny
Season 1, Episode 1
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Production Code101
English Air DateFebruary 5th, 2010
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Diamond's Destiny is the first episode of the first season of The Gems: A Magical Adventure.


Diamond, a 15 year old teenage girl was walking home. It was Spring and she just got back from the flower shop to help her mum with the flowers. Her mum was still at the shop, Diamond just lend a hand. As she walk back to the house, her mum soon arrive telling her something special is coming this Spring. Diamond was hoping for them to go on a holiday, but instead, her dad, Roy said that they can only spend time here. Diamond, frustrated, said that it was okay and took a walk to the park.

She heard something loud and she hide behind a tree. She take a look and saw a fire fairy fighting a witch. Diamond was angry at the witch and she walked out of the tree. The witch warned her that a human can't defeat a witch. Diamond was angry, she yelled angrily and she tried to slap the witch's face but suddenly fire came out of her hands. The witch, the fairy and Diamond were surprised. The witch found out that Diamond was a strong fire fairy and disappeared. The fairy told her name is Emerald. Diamond told her name is Diamond. Emerald suggested Diamond to go to Fairiex School for Fairies where Diamond can learn more about the fire power. Emerald said that both of them are fire fairies and are paired to fight together. Diamond was shocked yet happy.

Diamond and Emerald walked to Diamond's house. Diamond wanted permission from her parents before going there. Her parents were shocked that Diamond was a fairy and told her the secret that Diamond was adopted. Diamond was frustrated and said that she has to go to the school/college. Her mother, Neressa agreed but her dad disagreed and said it was too dangerous. Diamond said that she and Emerald can do it together. Her dad agreed by saying "Oh fairy patterns".

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  • In the first planning's, Diamond didn't want to be a fairy, but then the plan changed into Diamond wanted to be a fairy from the start.
    • In episode 2, Diamond stated she didn't want to be a fairy if she can't attack. Later in episode 3 when she earn her basic transformation, she said that she wanted to be a fairy even if she can attack or not.
  • Neressa's voice actress in this episode is Kayzie Rogers. But in the other episodes, April Stewart voiced her.
  • This (and the other first episodes of each seasons) is one of the episodes which the title card is different from the others.
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