• Liliana CX

    Liliana CX

    April 27, 2014 by Liliana CX

    I'm Liliana CX. 


    • I'm someone in Hollywood Arts
    • I have a babysitting service
    • I have an awesome criminal record
    • I work with Cassie Williams
    • My Homey is Ivonne Vega
    • My boyfriend is/was Daniel Pineda
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  • BloomRocks!

    Teenage Dreams

    March 27, 2014 by BloomRocks!

    Alright, I so badly want Teenage Dreams back!, I know the air date but I can't wait! Teenage dreams is like the best show ever!

    I want to talk to MAGIC MIRRORS right now!

    ♥ Olaf Some people are worth melting for

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  • BloomRocks!

    Hey guys! So nice to see you all again! My examinations are finished, as it was my last academic year. I have 2 weeks off with out work! So, whatever you need inform me. Because I will be online everyday!. The least I can do is edit here. I hope you are happy!

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  • Stellamusa101

    So, I have a few ideas for this wiki to make it better =)

    1. Home page redesign. As seen by the main page now, it is currently in redesign. If you have awesome CSS codes, suggest some c;
    2. More fanon pages.
    3. Update the shipping pages. Take a look at the BeckxJade page on Victorious Wiki.
    4. More templates.
    5. More userboxes.
    6. Using medium English, not too advanced, not too simple. A lot of people here use way too advanced until some users who don't understand English might not understand. I simply suggest we use medium English.
    7. Add more photos.

    If you have any suggestions, please comment or message me! Thank you!

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  • BloomRocks!


    February 10, 2014 by BloomRocks!

    Hey guys, so the reason I am not editing is because my final exams are here and well I have to work and my mum packed my laptop and I can't come on Wikia until my exams finish.I miss it greatly, I especially miss Farhah, but I will be back after or maybe in March, one thing my exams last 2 weeks.

    Goodbye and Wish me luck!

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  • Stellamusa101

    For a few months(or shall I officially say years) I've been working on this wiki, I'm an administrator working with my partner Queen Luna. But last week on the chat, Luna has told me that "The birds may fly away. A star has 5 ends. But that doesn't mean our friendship shall end. Farewell my friend, the circle of our friendship shall never have ending." And she logged off out of chat. Back then I didn't realize about it until today.

    I've stalked her user page; and sadly her Avatar is gone. Globally Wikia staff say when an Avatar is gone, and account is officially disabled. So starting this very day, Queen Luna is no longer our user nor administrator. Her account is disabled forever. Disabling an account will never be undone. 

    So farewell Queen …

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  • Stellamusa101

    Dear fairies and performers, I just found out something really awesome today! The Gems: A Magical Adventure will be renewed for a seventh season! 

    As said by a private tweet to me on Twitter, Magic Mirrors said "Get the car to the wiki! Go and spread the news; TGAMA will have a seventh season!" 

    So I'm just dong my job―the seventh season page will be added even though we haven't added seasons 3, 4 and 5 pages yet! I can't wait for this new season! They have also confirmed that The Gems will revert back to Elemental Gems because Firix, Waterix, Airix and Earthix were just considered "Boost-Ups" to help them.

    And it has been confirmed―Iris's Elemental Gems will be showed up in episode 701!

    Teenage Dreams will be cancelled starting February 2014 :…

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  • Stellamusa101


    September 21, 2013 by Stellamusa101


    I officially allow you all to suggest emoticons related to our wiki's focus. Write a comment of what shall we type for the emoticon to appear on chat and give us the picture (must be: gif or pngJPGs are allowed but we hardly recommend GIFs and PNGs)!

    I shall put the emoticon at MediaWiki:Emoticons.

    Stellamusa101 - ❉Freak the Freak Out❉ 09:56, September 21, 2013 (UTC)

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  • BloomRocks!

    New Joining

    September 13, 2013 by BloomRocks!

    Hello I Just Joined This Wiki I Have Joined These Wikis Winx Wiki. If You wanna joined you're welcome! I only joined and i just wanna say this wiki is off the hook! You must say it's totally awesome!! The admins are very helpful and so is the founder! 

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  • Stellamusa101

    Going official!

    September 9, 2013 by Stellamusa101

    Hello Mr/Ms! I am Stellamusa101, one of the active users and administrators. I'm here to inform that our wiki will take part in the partnership with Magic Mirrors and I have been assigned to make a wiki for the next story after The Gems: A Magical Adventure called Witchy Princesses, the opposite of the current series!

    As of the blog title, I will inform you that Magic Mirrors is allowing us to be the OFFICIAL wiki for The Gems: A Magical Adventure and Teenage Dreams! They will help us with the MediaWiki pages which will list most things with "Fairiex College" and "Hollywood Arts" using my account!

    They will also help with other things using my and Queen Luna's account with:

    • Articles
    • Episodes
    • Songs
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  • ScarlethX

    Who am I?

    August 4, 2013 by ScarlethX

    Who am i?

    • I am from the Dragon Kingdom
    • I am the Fairy of Fire
    • I am 20 years old
    • I achieved Firix
    • Birthday= April 17
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  • Stellamusa101

    This is my opinion, so, tata, no hating comments.

    Diamond is one of my favorite characters (well, she is my favorite character). She is strong, brave, kind, independent...everything a good character should be. Her character always fascinated me, even from when she was first introduced in season one. Diamond is a brave character who risked her life to save the universe, save the fairy queen, save her family and protect The Gems. She didn't need any help from men, and didn't even seem interested in them. (Which was nice, seeing as how all The Gems were in a relationship) She could take care of herself, and though we have other characters who can too, she's the one whose really become the most independent. She is kind, helping Daphne and Sky ge…

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  • Queen Luna

    Hello! I'm the TGAMA-Critic. I remember that so you don't have to! So I haven't seen episodes 4, to..which just aired yesterday night, right, episodes 16-20. So here's my review of episode 10, yes, I hate it!

    The episode began with The Gems with their beloved Specialists in the pyramid. Gee, what's up Sky? Why is he worried of Diamond, and not Dean? And since when did Dean and Iris began to date? They were hugging each other! Shit! And then Sugar suddenly just tells them to go fight back that silly Mephistopheles and Anubis. Haha, Sugar was acting like a damn bitch. And then we zoom into Diamond (or now we call Caroline) with Mephistopheles and Anubis. Goddamn, what was she trying to do?! Be their new spy?!

    I'm getting officially tired of all th…

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  • Stellamusa101

    So we are currently still not finished with June's project. But, I just wanted to remind you what we will be more focusing on. Projects that are done will be in striped text.

    • June's month project—again.
    • Theme songs.
    • Finish Teenage Dreams character page (e.g. "Teenage Dreams/______")
    • Create all the songs in the series.
    • Teenage Dreams project.
    • Finish episodes pages.
      • This installment includes webisodes.

    Thank you for your time. Hope we will be seeing you helping.
    --Stellamusa101 ~ Si ci credi di luce risplenderai 12:35, July 11, 2013 (UTC)

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  • DaniellaTheDirisShipper

    Hello students! Each month we have a featured project. We have a new project this month: June. Scroll down to read.

    We are lack of songs, episodes and webisodes pages. So my suggestion is—me and the two other admins; Stella and Luna have our own pages. I will create the songs pages; Stella will create the webisodes pages and Luna will create the episodes pages thus transcripts of the episodes pages.

    Other students who's block entry has already expired may help edit the pages. Also, the latest news about TGAMA is season 6; and thus we create all episodes pages at the same time. We all editors and students must edit now! TGAMA spirit is in us! 

    We have to make the enemies and specialists and all other character pages too! As the founder of this…

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  • Stellamusa101

    Welcome to the second issue of The Fairiex Newsletter! More Gems here!

    Discontinuing A Fanon?

    Lately, the fanon The Lost Treasure has been made by our friend Kathryn, but she seems a little bit, down. Evidence proved on the chat page.

    Stellamusa101: So, what about your fanon?
    Stella's mom: Yes, tell me about it.
    Chocolate-lady112: I'm discontinuing it. I mean, I'll continue it, of course. But I feel like, a break.
    Stellamusa101: We understand, Kathryn. Though, why are you discontinuing it?
    Chocolate-lady112: Not the time, Stella. Not the time.
    --Diamond - Fairy of fire! 04:58, April 26, 2013 (UTC)

    Song Page!

    Hello fellow Wikians! So, we received your request of a featured song for the main page, but we haven't made a song page yet! All your hopes and d…

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  • Stellamusa101

    Welcome to the first issue of The Fairiex Newsletter (April 15th, 2013)! Reviews, character pages, important messages and lots more!

    Season 6 Plot Summary!

    On Saturday, 13th April 2013, the plot summary for season 6 has been released! Nina will appear in season 6, starting episode 5. After the finale of season 5 on Friday, 12th April 2013, everyone was shocked with the ending. It was really mysterious, everyone thought Diamond died, but she didn't. The next thing revealed was the transformation name. Diamond and Emerald will earn Firix, Liana and Cinnamon will earn Waterix, Daphne and Jewel will earn Earthix, and Sugar and Nina will earn Airix. -

    Any Main Page Ideas?

    Hello! Our main page is gonna be updated, but we don't know what to put! So, …

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