Black's Perfect
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Wi-Fi in the Sky

Black's Perfect is the first webisode of The Gems: A Magical Adventure. Before season 6 started, the mini webisode series has been posted online. The voice of Jewel was voiced by Ariana Grande in this episode.



[Theme song, Give It Up, scene cuts to Diamond.]

Diamond: [Walks to The Gems.] Hey gals. So what are we doing Saturday night?
Liana: I don't know. [Walks to Diamond.] You have any plans?
Sugar: Hey. [Walks to them.] Have you heard of the Cow Wow dance?
Diamond: No.
Sugar: Well we all are going. It's in Los Angeles.
Emerald and Daphne: [Walks to them.] Los Angeles?
Sugar: I'll drive you there. Make sure you tell Jewel and Cinnamon.
Diamond: Wait, where are they anyways?

[Scene cuts to The Gems in a car.]

Jewel: LA, here we come!
Sugar: I just wish [Looks at Jewel.] we can stay in LA.
Cinnamon: Anyway, Cow Wow? What's so interesting about it?
Diamond: [Looks at her phone.] Here says it will be held in two days. So we have to sleep somewhere.
Emerald: Oh, I know the best hotel in LA!
Sugar: Alright, Gems. We driving to LA! [They all cheer as Sugar drives.]

[Scene cuts to them in the car, the car makes a turn to the right.]

Cinnamon: Still, what makes this so special?
Sugar: This would [Looks at the mirror.] be the first-ever prom me and Riven are going to ever since we're getting back together.
Jewel: So self-centered.
Sugar: What did missy just said?
Diamond: Hey, what does chiz mean?
Daphne: I think that means sausage in French.
Liana: [Looks at Daphne.] Might be hotdog.
Emerald: Anything related to meat!
Cinnamon: Exactly how miles?
Liana: Um, [Looks at her phone.] about a 100 miles..
Jewel: I will wear pink! What about you, Sugar?
Sugar: Black.
Liana: Black again?
Diamond: Black is her favorite color. [Looks at Liana.]
Sugar: That's just right. Black's perfect.

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