Beauty is what makes us special. You don't need outer beauty. You need inner beauty.
— Aurora talking about herself and Snow White.

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Aurora is the counterpart of Daphne during the curse.


During the Curse

Aurora did not notice The Gems much. Aurora hated the Evil Queen and did not know it was Sugar. Later after the curse, she returned to her normal self as Daphne.


Born to fight, Aurora has a very massive skill fighting. As the daughter of the Sleeping Beauty, she has nightmares during her sleep. Aurora can be very polite, yet mean when she's angry.


  • Her casting call described her as "female, early to mid 20s. Born into a life of wealth and privilege, [Aurora] was raised every bit the polished princess. But beneath the shiny veneer of a spoiled young girl beats the heart of a woman willing to sacrifice everything for love."
  • The Aurora name means "dawn" in Latin.
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